Tuesday, September 6, 2011

inside the lines

MP is slowly but surely getting used to his uninvited independence.
the long days without his bestest.
wihout his sissy.
he still cries on monday mornings when i drop him off at daycare, but he's usually fine the rest of the week.
it still hurts me when those precious blue-grey eyes spill over with sadness, but i know it'll get better soon.

last week, Miss T, MP's teacher had to have a talk with me.
i always get slightly defensive and shakey-kneed when the teachers need to talk with me, ya know, like in private. i think i get defensive simply because i am a mama bear and don't want my child to have done something so atrocious that i can't handle. and the shakey-kneed-ness-i'm convinced that's just cause i'm a worrier. a ridiculous worrier. oh well, i'm fine with it. sorta.

ok, teacher, private talk, MP.

she tells me that little man refused to do his work this day. i feel a little perplexed at this scenario because he so desperately wants to be in big school already. she continues to explain that the class was to color ten apples red and then count them. they were learning about the number ten and the color red and this was the end of the lesson. just simply coloring the apples. she told me that he announced with aggression he would not be doing this work.
he wanted his mama.
he balled up his paper after coloring only four of the apples.
and then threw it at her.

my baby, he did what?! when?! to whom?!
oh no no no no no no no no! he couldn't, wouldn't EVER do that!
but, he did.

my face got hot, fast. i think it may have turned purple even.
Miss T explained she kept the paper and put it in his cubby so i could see it. (i guess she thought i wouldn't believe her) and there it set, a crumpled paper, with four almost perfectly colored apples. i made him immediately apologize to Miss T and we were outta there. me and my boy had some talking to do.
later in the evening, i gently explained to him why this was unacceptable. that we must respect all people and most especially those that care for us when mama and daddy just simply can't be there. he took those words and let them simmer and his little face made a face of understanding. he apologized to me, umprompted, and i left it at that.

the next afternoon, Miss T came up to me again. i got those shakey knees again and a semi-defensive attitude. she just wanted to tell me he was good today. that when she got there this morning, he immediately came over and told her he was sorry. (i was not so secretly beaming with pride at this point. goofily grinning and eyes bright.) she told me he did well with his work today and it was waiting for me in his cubby. i couldn't wait!
it was the most beautiful picture i had ever seen.
take a look for yourself:

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