Tuesday, September 13, 2011


we took the kids camping for the first time this past weekend.
well, sorta.
we slept in a tent.
there was no electricity.
there was no running water.
there were no fans.
the bathroom was a hike up a hill.
there was a bonfire.
mini marshmallows were roasted.
jumbo marshmallows were toasted.
pretend smores were made. (we had to improvise with chocolate syrup the first night)
real smores were made. mmmmm, smores.
the kiddos told ghost stories with a flashlight in the pitch black of a tent.
super scary.
i don't do scary. period. end of story. forever.

i am fairly sure i am the only one that ended up with a battle scar.
i don't even know how it happened. really. 
that's my arm at a really weird angle, sitting here at my desk, at work.

unfortunately, and you can totally scold me...i can take the beating.
i didn't take a single stinking picture of the ABSOLUTE DELICIOUSNESS of the entire weekend.
c'mon. i know. i did wrong.

however, in our minds and hearts and souls, we will forever have the memories of our sweet babies' eyes glowing in the fire with curiosity and wonder.
the joy we heard in their laughter, hanging out with friends we will always know as family.
the excitement, the awesomeness, the bliss.
it was one of those magical memories that can only happen with ones you love.

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