Wednesday, March 10, 2010


MP had a major victory last night!!
he put his pajama pants on all by himself, like a big boy!
i didn't even have to help him with the normal struggle of getting them over the diaper hump!

now...i just need to speed up the continuous work on my time stopping machine so he'll never get any older.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


it's been a while fellow inhabitants of the ether world. my apologies to those of you who check our little blog daily. :(
thanks for being so patient!

(first of all, i am in mourning. my beloved blackberry has ceased from working existence. it's still all together, making up one piece...the pieces just don't work together to create a functioning limb of my body. i will have to replace my bb today. hopefully before dark.)

tuesday's are the knucklehead's early day. we have to leave the house by 6:15 AM so mommy can make it to work on time. this means on monday night, bedtime comes early, too. MP is never really a struggle to get to bed; his sister IS a struggle. the first time i got her in her room all snuggled up in bed, she requested "4-5-6-7 books to read." mommy suggested 2 books-to which she countered with "how about 2-3-4-5 books?" we finally settled on three. i told her i loved her and said goodnight. she stopped me on my way out the door and said, "mommy! you forgot my hugs!"
aah, my heart smiles.
hugs are given, i love you's are spoken and goodnight is lingering in the night air when she stops me again, "mommy! you forgot my sugars!" (i am fairly sure i gave her kisses...the first time) sugars are distributed evenly over her and dimple-faced laughter warms my soul.
"i love you Norah! good night scooby doo!"
she doesn't stop me this time as i walk through the door. this sequence of events will play out again soon...well not exactly the same, but similar. two more times actually.

fast forward. 2 AM.

mommy is in the world of dreamers. suddenly, i hear a little man voice shrieking: "rahksee, rahksee, rahksee!"
i do a quick check-roxee is lying on the floor next to the bed. she couldn't have hurt him.
"rahksee rahksee rahksee!" cry, cry, sob, cry.
i leap to him, cradle him tight and ask what's wrong with my man.
he points his finger at my face, near my nose and his feet are sticking out to the side awkwardly.

eeeewwwwwwwwwwww! it's poop...of the canine variety.

how did this happen? and why is it on his hand? and if it is just on his hand, why is he screaming?
my room is of course dark, so we head to the bathroom for disinfectants.
apparently, roxee had to poop last night and for the FIRST time since she's been living with us-pooped in our room. she didn't ask to go out, as far as i can remember. i'm not having any flashbacks of doggie dreams or scratching at my hand.
we begin cleaning his hands off and once they are clean i notice the smell seems to be getting stronger.
"ok man! we got your hands all cleaned up. you alright, now?"
mommy's eyes still aren't awake, and apparently, not even open.
"my fput mama, my fput!"
poor little darling boy. i didn't even look at his feet! that's where the poop was! it was only on his hand cause he tried to clean it up himself, first. poor baby. bless it.
alright. foot is clean. poop is off the floor. we are back in bed-meaning, MP joined mommy and daddy for the rest of sleepy time.
however, since little man saw the light so to speak, he was now not interested in any more sleepy time. he stayed up for about another hour and a half. mommy had to get creative...i tried the threats back to the firetruck bed, tried the singing of nite nite songs, daddy had even given it a go. MP did NOT want to go back to sleep. i ask him if he wants to play a game. of course he does!
so here's how it went:
man, cover up and count to three under the covers.
ok mama. he gets underneath the covers and waits.
we count 1-2-3
i pull the covers back and say 'eep eye!'
we giggle.
alright, do it again man.
he gets in position.
we count 1-2-3
i pull the covers back and say 'eep eye!'
we giggle again.
now, man, can you count to five under the covers?
yeah, m'am.
he gets in position.
i wait a little while before starting to count.
i count 1-2-
he's not counting! did it work?
i peep under the covers-he's out.

aaahhh, good. mommy needs sleep.