Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i'm a lunatic

i have been thinking about what traditions i want to carry on with my children.
you know the ones that came from my parents and grandparents for me and my sisters.
one of the ones i think i may carry on is lying to my children for my own personal gain and/or sanity.
there is actually a lady who writes on about this on HelloGiggles and it's (not surprisingly) titled, Lies I Tell My Daughter.  
i mean, i'm not going to tell them that they are space aliens and we are not their parents or anything...
ugh, i'm not explaining this very well.
let me just give you an example.
here is my most memorable lie from my childhood:

my Pop used to tell me that there were alligators under the bed in his room so we would take a nap.
this is not a lie.
he would put us to bed in the middle of the day ya'all, like we needed a nap in the middle of the day:/
and tell us to be still.
then shut the door to the room.
when we were not laying there motionless, he would very quickly remind us... there are alligators under the bed and that they would eat us if we tried to get down.
i believed it until i was like 10.
horrifically enough, i STILL to this day do NOT hang any body part off the bed whilst sleeping NOR do i simply ‘get out of bed’ in the middle of the night.
i LAUNCH myself to as close as i can get to the bathroom (or bedroom door) and then jump once more into the bathroom (or out of the bedroom and typically on two toes and pray for their safety as this is happening) and then do it in reverse on the way back, due to irrational fear of alligators under the bed.

this is factual information.

and I understand it is strange and somewhat delusional on my part.

i’m almost ok with that.

so whaddya think? alligator stories for my kiddies, or no?

leave me a comment below with 'the lies your parents/grandparents/guardians/siblings/etc told you when you were younger', it'll be fun.

i promise. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wiggling. Yes.

Hey ya'll!
Happy new year to you and yours! :) 
Just so you know, one of my resolutions for the big 2012 is to be a more consistent blogger. Which, in turn, makes you my fabulous blog readers, my accountability group.
So, you are welcome.
And many thanks.
And I'm done.

Ha, no not really.
Ok, so here's the deal...

I REALLY love to dance. Like a lot. 
When i was younger, ya know... many moons ago, I enjoyed dancing for others. (Get your head outta the gutta! Not exotically, but like on stage, with a team or at school games and such.) 
But now, I really just like dancing for my own enjoyment without any extra eyes. I won't get into the reasoning.
Now, one of my ab-so-lute favorite places to dance is in the car. My new favorite group to dance to in the car is LMFAO. Particularly their song, I'm sexy and I know it!
Have you ever heard that song?
I freaking can't get enough! It just makes me giddy. I get an uncontrollable urge when I hear this song to just bust a move. Listen to it. Try not to wiggle when you listen and get back with me if you can be still. We'll need to check your pulse and see if you are even alive. For real. (I'm actually listening to it right now as I'm blogging and dancing in my cubicle.)
So, as usual, I'm driving to work this morning and I'm dancing some kind of fierce and singing at the top of my lungs and pull up to the red light.
So does a random man in a very nice new Chevy truck.
He looks over at the amazingness that is taking place in the driver's side of my vehicle.
He makes this horrible face.
Then, he creepily and very suggestively takes a bite of his banana and speeds off!
At first, I'm thinking "ewwwwwwwww!!!" 
::shudders due to flashback::

And then I think back to the day before.
Different street.
Different random person pulling up beside me.
I'm dancing to the same song and singing very loudly.
Person looks over at me and sees the amazingness going down.
Makes almost the same horrible face.
Same speeding away.

What is the deal people?
Do you not enjoy a little cardiovasuclar excercise in the car first thing in the morning? Cause apparently, I do.
So then, that prompted me to write the following as my facebook status this morning:

"i'm beginning to wonder if my driver side dancing is starting to scare people or make them uncomfortable. for the second morning in a row, the people beside me have looked over, saw the awesomeness and then sped quickly away. i mean, i can't help it that me and LMFAO have a fantastic dance party in the car!"

Really though, really.
I don't think I have EVER sped away from someone after watching them have a dance party in the car. Or singing at the top of their lungs. Or even picking their boogers.
Am I repulsing you, strange random drivers that pull up beside me during my own personal interpretive dance at 6:40 AM?
Do you not know how to have a good time?
Are you not rejuvinated by watching someone else enjoy themselves?
Did I not just give you an awesome laugh?

Well, I guess I'll never know the answers to those questions.
And I guess it doesn't bother me too much.
I'm sure I'll be dancing again on the way home and just being awesome.  
Or scaring people, again.

Do you dance in the car?
Sing expressively?
Pick your boogers?
If so, leave me a comment below.
I wanna know who my peeps are.