Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i'm a lunatic

i have been thinking about what traditions i want to carry on with my children.
you know the ones that came from my parents and grandparents for me and my sisters.
one of the ones i think i may carry on is lying to my children for my own personal gain and/or sanity.
there is actually a lady who writes on about this on HelloGiggles and it's (not surprisingly) titled, Lies I Tell My Daughter.  
i mean, i'm not going to tell them that they are space aliens and we are not their parents or anything...
ugh, i'm not explaining this very well.
let me just give you an example.
here is my most memorable lie from my childhood:

my Pop used to tell me that there were alligators under the bed in his room so we would take a nap.
this is not a lie.
he would put us to bed in the middle of the day ya'all, like we needed a nap in the middle of the day:/
and tell us to be still.
then shut the door to the room.
when we were not laying there motionless, he would very quickly remind us... there are alligators under the bed and that they would eat us if we tried to get down.
i believed it until i was like 10.
horrifically enough, i STILL to this day do NOT hang any body part off the bed whilst sleeping NOR do i simply ‘get out of bed’ in the middle of the night.
i LAUNCH myself to as close as i can get to the bathroom (or bedroom door) and then jump once more into the bathroom (or out of the bedroom and typically on two toes and pray for their safety as this is happening) and then do it in reverse on the way back, due to irrational fear of alligators under the bed.

this is factual information.

and I understand it is strange and somewhat delusional on my part.

i’m almost ok with that.

so whaddya think? alligator stories for my kiddies, or no?

leave me a comment below with 'the lies your parents/grandparents/guardians/siblings/etc told you when you were younger', it'll be fun.

i promise. :)