Thursday, September 15, 2011

it's like this and like that and like this, and uh

little man has been sleeping like a rock lately.
well, once you can get him to sleep.
it's been well after 9:30PM the past few nights before those little eyes close for more than a blink. bedtime at the kelly house is 8PM, with very few exceptions. and his late night antics, inevitably, causes him to want to sleep too late in the mornings. the next two weeks will be very early for us. big girl's bus comes at 6:18AM. madness, i know.

back on track, MP, up late, sleeping late.

ok, so Norah and i are headed to the bus stop a few mornings ago and she remarks her brother won't be happy we've left him out. he always accompanies us. he likes to see her off and wish her a happy day. i assure her i've tried to wake that little booger up and he refused, even yelled, NOUGH! I NONWANNAGETUPPPPP!
she seems to be ok with that and we chit chat until Mr. T shows up to carry her off to kindergarten. i somberly head back home (already missing my girl) and attempt, once
more, to get the boy up and going.

he's still not having it.

i dress him. well, it's not that easy, really. it's more like, i wrangled an angry alligator while it was thrashing in the water and in between the death rolls i managed to put on shorts and shoes. i didn't even try to change his shirt. he wore 'the hulk' night shirt to school that day.

don't judge me! you've never had to wrangle a 3.5 year old angry alligator first thing in the morning have you? have you? ok, maybe my parents when they tried to dress my sister K while she was sleeping but only maybe. love you sis! mwah. :)

he finally makes it to the car and we're off. he's making small talk with daddy and mid-sentence-stops. his head whipped over to sissy's seat and panic flashed across his face.

we forgot sissy! he cries aloud.
his daddy gently explained mama took her to the bus stop and she's on her way to school. he's not convinced though.
NO! we gotta go back. she's at home and scared all by herself! we gotta go get her mama!
i try explaining he didn't want to go. that he was sleeping when we walked to the bus stop. that's she's safe and on the way to school. the next few minutes are spent reassuring him.

we finally calmed him down.
we got him giggling.
we drop him off at daycare and he was such a big boy!
we've had almost a full week now of tearless sister-less drop offs.
this is huge for him.

i love that my kids love each other.
i love that they care about the other's well being.
i love that they know how to and understand love.

skip to the next afternoon.

it's kung fu panda bear day. yay!
sissy is in a bad mood as we head to class.
a terrible, no good, absolutely rotten, smelly, gross, mean mood.
so, i asked her to sing. it was music day at school and i was hoping to hear the latest rendition of her 'duck' song.  
she loves every aspect of music and sings most all day long.
it's the soundtrack of her life.and honestly, sometimes, the only thing to break the nastiness for her. she sings and gets happier. she sings and gets louder. she sings the lyrics and makes up some of her own.

MP decides he's not having it. he asks her to stop. she declines. (politely, of course. did you feel that sarcasm?)
so little man launches into his own song.

y'all i wish you could have heard this. scooby doo dominates his life. well, right after cars. lightning mcqueen rocks. forever. and therefore, he composes a ode to scooby and shaggy and his favorite of their movies- Scooby Doo and the Lake Monster. 

and so, this is what i hear, a symphony of sounds from the backseat.
Norah, on key.
MP, all keys and LOUD.  

n: tails in the air
mp: (singing over his sister) LAKE MOSTER SCOOBY DOO
n: tails in the air
mp: (still singing at the same time over his sister) LAKE MONSTER SCOOBY DOO
n: tails in the air

now, if you happened to not follow the illustration above. let me give you what i heard. it goes like this and like that and like this and uh...


needless to say, sissy quit singing after being upstaged by a four wheeler lake monster song. i thought she was in quiet reflection, getting her black belt mind going as we pulled up (finally and to my relief) to class. and when i looked back, i saw this:

sibling love. it's a messy game. but someones gotta do it.
smiles and love my friends. smiles and love.

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