Monday, September 19, 2011


this girl of mine is growing in ways i never imagined possible, so soon.
she's growing like a weed, physically.
i swear her brain is getting so big it's starting to sprout through her hair.
the confidence level (i've never worried about it with this one) has gone through the roof. each day there's more exciting things to learn, to do, to feel, to experience.
she's soaking them up like sweet syrup on buttermilk pan-a-cakes.
another thing that is also growing, that i am not particularly fond of, is her attitude.

now, don't get me wrong. she's always been a diva. like, since minute number one of being on this earth. but sometimes, i am convinced an alien heathen has taken over my baby girl's body and has decided to descend upon us with a full on teenage attitude.

is it part of growing up? yes. it is.
is it part of finding yourself? i suppose.
is it fun for anyone other than the attitudinal? heck no!

lately, i've been told that she wants to be the queen so she can rule me. ummm, say whaaaaaaaaa?! yes, you read that right. she wants to rule me and her brother, and her daddy, and the universe i'm sure. also, and i think they teach this on the bus, but i can't be certain. her head can now wobble side to side and back and forth and up and down without ever detaching from her body, but it looks like it's detached, so you get a little dizzy while you are watching her 'rule you.' yeah, for real. and in the midst of the head bobbing and weaving, there are these words, these foreign, angry, dictator type words coming out of her mouth.

sheesh. how did this happen?

has any other mommy had this experience with their newly pinned kindergartner?
and if so, when can i expect the alien heathen to exit my precious one's body?

please say soon!
can't you feel the hysteria in my voice?!

no? well, i had a feeling it was gonna be this way.
i'm gonna fight it though, everyday.
and remind her:
she is smart.
she is beautiful.
she is kind.
she is magical.
she is fantastic.
she is witty.
she is brave.
she is exciting.
she is... still a child.
MY child.
and my children, they don't rule me one bit. and you can count on that, sister.

note: my kids really are my heart and probably get away with more than they should. but seriously, rule me?! bwhahahahahaaaa.... she's got another thing coming. :)

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  1. Awe so fun starting to grow up mom!! If you think her head sways now wait til she is a full on teenager and aunt flow has come to visit and your trying to still instill rules and order!! I think all girlz are divas in someway or another and where they learn this from I'll never know!! But I am sure the bus doesn't help!! Wait til your bloging about something she learned on the bus that you think she is way to young to know!! I love the how you remind her of all the special things she is, isn't her diva self letting you know she already knows all that mom? ;)
    Love the blog