Wednesday, September 21, 2011


the boy has had a bike since he turned three.
and up until last week, he's ridden it maybe ten times.
he's a bit taller now and has learned how to use the brakes and man! you can't keep him off that thing now. look at how precious this is:

he and sister have been racing up and down the street on their bikes lately. and who would have guessed? little man wins every time. he has no fear of speed. NONE. the faster the better for that one and it doesn't end with is bike. he wants to go fast in the car, on the four wheeler, on his riders, on his scooter...
Lord, please help his mama.

on another note. the kiddos camped out last night. in MP's room. in a tent. together.
it was bliss. their sweet Papaw Bob got them their very own pint sized tents. you would have thought that they had been given elevendybillion dollars seeing those sweet smiles on their faces as we put them up last night.

they have been sleeping together in sissy's room for a bit now, so i was not surprised at the request to camp out in brother's room. they told us they were gonna 'party hardy'. really, their exact words. but, i guess the party tent didn't have magical stay-awake dust on it. they were out in thirty minutes after bed time. i have come to this conclusion though.

they. are. the. coolest. kids. ever.

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