Monday, February 1, 2010


We made cupcakes yesterday! The moist and scrumptious fun-fetti, chocolate covered kind. mmmm, muy muy delicious! We had a good time. Really, we did. The best part was eating them-for me anyways. I think the kids more enjoyed making them. They enjoyed stirring, pouring, tasting. LOTS of tasting. HA! The evening was filled with thoughts of "more cho-ate amorrow!"
Then morning came.
MP woke up around 4 AM. I think he heard me shut the door after taking Roxee out. He sped into my bedroom, squealing, "DAAAAAADDDDYYYYY!"
He looked in the bed, the bathroom, the closet. "DDAAAAADDDDYYY!"
"Daddy's not here buddy...come here, let mama snuggle you. Make you cozy."
He's crying now. Oh that hurts, oh man that hurts.
We fell asleep.

It's time to get up now. Blar. I don't wanna get up today.
Daddy called. He's in a hurry. Just has a quick minute to say "Good Morning!"
I decided that MP probably needed to hear from his daddy today after the early morning let down. I hand him the phone. Norie is patiently waiting for her turn. Daddy has to go. OH NO!
Tears ensue. Lots and Lots and LOTS of tears. Poor darling, mommy's here... But it's not the same, I'm not daddy.

We're in the car now, on the way to school. Norie "leeds" to call Papaw. He "leeds" to make her feel better. I hand over the phone.
I hear her angelic voice say, "I miss my daddy, Papaw." They talk, she's better. Thank GOD for Papaws. I can't take it when my babies hurt.
Finally, we're at school. The kids perk up cause we're at Ms. T's house!

I'm alone in the car; hot tears flow down my cheeks. I can't take it when my babies hurt. And then I realize, I hurt, too.
He's still in Florida. Their daddy. My husband.

And I miss him.


  1. oh, that sounds tough. when loved ones are away, it can sting like that. however, i like your solution: cupcakes! yes, yes. cupcakes. they can definitely soothe the pain, if only temporarily.

  2. M! you read my blog?! oh my! I am **BLUSHING**!
    i'm gonna have to brush up on my humor stories, like ASAP!

  3. no, no, you're all set. so far your descriptions have been wonderful, really vibrant. i'm very happy to know about your blog, be able to read these little windows into kayla-land.