Saturday, January 30, 2010

show my teeth

My little man bit the other day. For the first time. As in showed his teeth, placed them on another child's skin, and clamped down with his jaw, making his teeth sink into another's flesh.
Why? Why do kids bite?
Norah used to "show her teeth" (that's what Norie called biting) to other kids all the time. She would bite for no reason. Seriously! But my little man, he's never really been the aggressor. Never really ever done much to hurt anything.
And of course, AS SOON AS I WALK IN the teacher tells me that my child bit and then what am I supposed to say?
umm, so?
did it leave a mark?
what'd that no good little brat do to my angel first?
is he bleeding?
do you think the other parents are gonna sue?
are you sure MP bit that kid first? cause you know, my angel doesn't do things like that...

While I would probably like to say all of those things...I tend to stick with, I'm sorry.
But seriously, kids bite one another. It happens. They retaliate. Get angry cause another one took away a toy or whatever.
Therefore, I decided to use my wicked detective skills and solve this mystery with Mark Patrick. As we're riding home that afternoon, I ask him, "Baby, why did you bite L at school today?"
MP: L bite me.
Me: Baby, are you sure L bit you first?
Norah is now interrupting...NOOOO, MARK PATRICK, YOU BIT L!)
MP: L bite me.
Me: Did he do something today to upset you?
MP: I no like it.
Me: What don't you like, sweetheart?
MP: I no like L.
Me: Did he hurt you?
MP: yes.
Me: Where baby? How did L hurt you?
MP: L scratch man.
Me: Can you show mama where he scratched you?
Since we're riding in the car all he can do is wiggle a little in the car seat, but I can tell he's trying to point to his back, well, kind of. I let it go for now.
We're home. I decide to try again.
Me: Can you show mama where L scratched you baby?
MP: points to his back, near the shoulder.
Me: I pull up his shirt...there's a big scratch from his left shoulder going down about 2 inches. "Poor darling, L did get you, didn't he love bug?"
MP: yes. I no like L.

Me either. Gah, I knew that L kid was no good. L better watch out, I'm gonna sick Norah on him next time. Yah, that's what I'll do. Send Norah...that'll teach him. How DARE he think he can hurt my baby and get away with it?! See, I knew my baby wasn't capable of a mean thought. I knew he wasn't capable of harming another human for no reason. He isn't intentionally hateful.

After we're settled at home and the kids are hanging on the couch, I decide MP needs an extra sugar today, for his heartache and scratch. I head over to them.

A cup is launched. A face is smacked with the cup. Norah is sobbing.
MP is laughing. He did it on purpose.

Well, maybe sometimes he can be a little rough.

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