Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my woo woo

So, my girl...she's a pretty cool chick. She's tender-hearted, witty, deliberate and intriguing. The other day, while at "school", she reported to Ms. T and her "classmates" with this information, "You guys, I just can't play today. I am tired and I just can't do it. And besides, my nerves are bad."
Oh yeah, we have a firecracker on our hands. No. Doubt. And seriously, I have no idea where she gets this stuff! :D
Lately, I have been quite captivated at her ability to "read", recognize, and speak with such clarity and understanding. Her sentences have gone from baby thoughts to big girl thoughts in what seems like just a week. She's 3! She's not a big girl yet! Well, not in my eyes anyway.
And this morning on the way to school, she wanted to call my friend, Ms. N, to wish her a happy day. Thing is, we also tried this on Monday and it ended up with Norah crying. Dang leaf blowers...why do you need to blow leaves every Monday, by the patio, at work, where people are CLEARLY trying to have non-elevated voice conversations?!
Alright, back on track...we call Ms. N and get the voicemail.
Norah says, "Ma, she didn't answer, but my homework lady did!"
your homework lady?
hmmm, i'll bite.

"Baby, you have a homework lady?"
"Acourse Ma, she's talking to me on the phone right now!"
"No way," I say, "how did you get a homework lady from Ms. N's phone?
"I dunno," she says puzzled. "But I do."
This prompts the daily morning phone call to Grandma. The call goes to voicemail.
Norah leaves a message, "Hey Grandma! Call me baaacckk!" Then suddenly, "She's calling me back! She's calling me back! Yay! Grandma!"
That's funny. I didn't hear the phone ring.
"Let me see angel." Norah hands me the phone and sure enough...MAMA (my name for her Grandma) is displayed on the screen.
How does she do this? Was it a good guess? Wishful thinking?
And silently, I smile to myself and think, "I dunno. But I do."

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