Thursday, February 18, 2010


well good morning dolls! it is quite the early morning for me. work at 5AM should be banned from my eternity. on the flip side though, getting off before 2PM is pretty much gonna rock. although, it would be nice to be an and dad there is still time for y'all to build an empire and devote all the money to your 3 girls! you could totally pull that off!

alright, enough chatty cathy. i wanted to follow up on yesterday's post. me and my girl have kissed and made up. it actually happened that night; albeit i still didn't feel good about the day's events that horrifically unfolded earlier, hence boo hoo was born. anyways, while putting her to bed she asked to say our prayer. it's usually the same one every night:

"Dear God, Thank you for my family. Thank you for my friends. I love you very much. Amen."

I'm not sure where it came from, but that's pretty much the nite-nite prayer script at our house. my creative genius of a daughter thought our prayer needed to include a few more items that night:
1. mama, please pray for my drum that daddy threw in the fire. i need a new one. (this 'drum' was an empty cardboard box that didn't know how to be shared)
2. mama, please pray for my dance class. i need to go back now.
3. mama, please pray for God to make shrimp seeds so we can grow them in our vegetable garden. i need them to make me grow bigger.
wow! i had to hold back the laughter. but the prayer felt a little more honest once we got in all those requests. bless it! she's a good one, that girl.

on the MP front, well, he's been fairly mellow lately. 'reading' his books, playing with his roxeegirl (she and he-in love those two-roxee is most definitely MP's girl), coloring LOTS of pictures and generally being adorable. ganma did tell me a delightful story about my children's sibling love yesterday. so, from what i understand, ganma, Norie and MP were sitting on the couch and each had a book to read. Norie decides MP doesn't need to hold the book he has because of some reason or another. so she swipes it. MP was NOT happy with his sissy's choice of movements and pulls one out of his own. (ganma says MP figured he couldn't reach sissy so he had to get creative) he SPIT at her-venomous spit! as if to say, 'if i could have spit directly into your eyeball, i would've. i hope it stings, sissy.'
bwahhahahhhahaaa! good thing i wasn't there. i'm quite certain my giggle box would have turned over for an extended time frame that could be deemed inappropriate. ganma, of course, told him 'Man Man! No! We don't spit. That's not nice.' he responded with a cold shoulder and staring fiercely off into the far corners of the room. i sooo wish you could all see his 'i'm not paying attention to you and i could injure you with these eyes' face. it's a classic. i love that boy. he's coming into his own...quickly. *squeal* which reminds me, he has a birthday coming up! 'tis all for now my friends, i gotta get my snake man's party planned.

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