Tuesday, February 23, 2010

growing pains

i love my dog.
i really do.
i love my husband.
i really do.
really, i do.

my husband decided to let roxee out yesterday morning when he left so she could play in the backyard while the kids and i got dressed. how sweet! i didn't even have to ask! :)


i guess that didn't cross his mind as he left. ugh. i didn't realize it had rained either...until i let my roxee in the house. she was prancing through Norie's room, spinning through the hallway, chasing MP to the living room and rolling around on the carpet throughout. and i was looking for her collar. where is her collar?!

oh. ha.

it's on her. the flourescent hot pink collar was now black. from mud. and goo. and nasty. it was black. roxee was covered in filth. she was devising an exit strategy from the back yard apparently.
the time is now 7:05 AM. i MUST leave the house by 7:20 AM to be on time at work. the kids and i are in our pajamas. and i now have dirty carpet and a dirty dog and dirty specks of mud every where. operation cleansofast begins now.
roxee in the tub.
roxee cleaned off (almost).
kids playing in mommy's bathroom while she cleans roxee.
roxee out of the tub.
MP touches roxee as she passes by now sans dirt.
MP laughs.
roxee comes back in the bathroom to shake off.
roxee has strange finger streaks of white on her newly washed coat.
MP laughs harder and rubs his hands together.
MP hands me a tube of kid sunscreen.
sunscreen all over MP's hands.
sunscreen is the strange finger streaks of white on roxee.
wash MP's hands.
rinse myself off.
dress self.
comb kid hair.
did i brush my teeth?
brush teeth.
thank goodness it's pajama day at Ms. T's!

7:22 AM
we're out the door.
i forgot something.
i just know it!
what is it?
i dunno.
guess i'll find out later.
it was my very important tax document i needed to mail.
good thing i'm filing early!

we made it out alive.
and in record time!
that's all that matters.
sigh. inhale. exhale.
what a morning!

in other news...my MP is growing up. sunday morning, he woke up, went straight to the bathroom and took his diaper off. he sat down on his potty. and tried. he really really tried!
my husband was sweet enough to let me sleep in so i didn't get to witness this big boy moment. :(
however, he did run around sans diaper for almost 2 whole hours and didn't have an accident! he's ready for potty training! my sweet little baby isn't so much a baby anymore. (sadness overcomes me)
the other side of this sadness coin lies a very lucrative offer...no more DIAPERS to buy! well, not immediately, but soon...i hope.
my big man even sat on the potty last night before bathtime and sprinkled a little in there! we were so proud! a little sprinkle of victory! (ha, that cracks me up!) now...if we can just get him to understand that when/if he runs around naked that roxee thinks his um, you know, man part, is something to bite and that it would be painful if she acted on this impulse that she has already tried out but missed once. cause right now, he thinks it's a rite of passage to let it all hang out. he'll learn. hopefully not painfully, but he will learn.

and that my friends in a nutshell is the last three blog drafts rolled all into one. i may have to do some editing later...but for now, you got your fix. ;)

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  1. ha! that crazy Roxee! And yes MP is growing up fast! He is almost 2!!!