Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tid bits

if you haven't noticed...i'm a bit of a scatter brain. i've been trying all morning to get some semblence of a post together-i keep coming up short. so here, in all it's befuddled glory are tid bits from last night:
-the kids wanted a moist and delicious cupcake for their afternoon snack. i gave in. i usually don't let them have something that decadent and filling before dinner...but everyone needs a little indulgence-a treat for the soul, if you will. here's a window into that loveliness:
-i knew had to start dinner quickly; the pork roast was gonna take a while to cook. pre-heat oven, check. put field peas in pan, check. get out box-o-noodles, check. put roast in pyrex, check.

-roxee needs to do her thang, outside. she's talking fast, and jumping like kids do when they just can't hold it any longer. we went. we ran around. the kids are still reveling in chocolate heaven.
-time to start seasoning everything. i grabbed the pepper, nope-that would be mustard seeds. i tried again. pepper, shaken vigirously onto the peas. huh, pepper is black and that is...NUTMEG!? (fail) i decided looking at the seasoning might make this less painful. pepper is found, opened up-shook on to the peas. oops, the wrong side is open. pepper was poured into the peas. (fail)
-oven's ready. pork roast is slipped into the, ARGH! i left the cupcakes in the oven? ha, yeah, i guess i did. OOPS! cupcakes are now a gooey mess of nasty. (fail)
-play time for the kiddies. they love play time. Norie selects the art easel for her creative canvas tonight, the dry erase marker board side. MP makes room for himself at the easel as well. FUN!
-MP is such a thoughtful little man! He gave himself a green dry erase marker mustache and then gave one to the bathroom door! (i tried to get a picture but as soon as i got the camera out his "I am in so much trouble" tears ruined the mustache)
-Tennie and Papaw come over to change the carport "lightbug." Norah, MP and Rox are estatic! company at 7 PM! it must be a holiday! MP decides to show off his dare-devil skills, fearlessly jumping from the "otterman" to the "crouch." it's hilarious. you should see it. he stands on the otterman, desperately trying to keep his balance on the mushy underfoot, takes a deep breath, bends his knees, and launches himself. only half of his body seems to make the leap, everytime. head on crouch, feet dangling to the floor. it's bliss for him.
-bedtime. good times. roxee and i are on the couch. kids are tucked away in their beds. roxee hasn't been feeling well for the past few weeks, poor little four legged creature. she flips to her back. legs strrreeetttccchhhiinnnggg out-head flopping from side to side. adorable. look at me! aren't i cute! wanna play? watch, i can make you pet me. look at these eyes. aww, c'mon, give me some lovin. glad you're feeling better, girlfriend.
-bedtime. good times. letterman's on the tube. this creates the perfect atmosphere for...*snore*