Friday, January 4, 2013

i'm a terrible blogger

i always wait unusually long amounts of time before i update this blog.
sometimes i forget it.
sometimes i'm lazy.
mostly it's a combination of the two.

since we are into the big 2013 already, i guess i should give y'all my resolutions. honestly, i don't believe in resolutions. and really, i don't like to call them resolutions, either. i like to call them "try real hard to do these things". i figure, if i care about something enough, i will do it. ya know? but nonetheless, i always make them. every year. :)

My 2013 "try real hard to do these things" things:
1. love better.
i really mean this one. not like flashy, showy, in your face for the world to see love better. but deeper, more thoughtful, make sure my family and friends know- really, really KNOW i love them.

2. be a more present mother.
this one is tricky. i don't feel like i am a terrible mother. i just feel like i could be doing way better. i often snap at my children. sometimes i am more into my phone, laptop, tv, etc. than i am their conversation or "watch me, mama!". i'm not proud of it. but it's the truth and i'd love to consciously be in the moment with them more. they are growing up so quickly and i want to be able to remember all the savory details of their childhoods.

3. thank the husband more.
he's really not so bad, ya know. he's the best daddy to my babies. he loves them. he cares for them. he plays with them. he cuddles them and sings with them. he makes fun of their mama with them. and ya know what, he's mostly good to me, too. i really need to learn how to verbalize and show him that i really appreciate him. as a human, as a husband, and as my best friend.

4. run a 5K.
this one is in the books y'all. for real. i am currently 'brain training' for the 'Color Me Rad 5K' on March 23, 2013. this is 4 days before my 29th birthday. what exactly is brain training you may ask? well, it's where i think REAL hard about starting that couch to 5K app thing i downloaded on my phone about a monthish-ish ago. i suck at running. i have horrible workout commitment issues. and i just put this out there for the internets to see. keep me going. it's on.

5. beat all the kid wii games we got for Christmas.
i'm a nerd. i realize this. get over it. (this is the first gaming console i have owned since the original nintendo. no lie. it's kind of a big deal.)

happy 2013, y'all!

*note: i was totally gonna add some pictures but blogger is weird today.*

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