Tuesday, January 8, 2013

fabulous first grader

the leading lady in my life, Norah Parker, is for a fact a "fabulous first grader". no color system at school, no award, no accolade, no certificate can make that statement any more of a truth. i know this. i live with this (mostly) understated fabulosity every day.

if you have kids in public school or probably even daycare, you know about the dreaded 'color system' for keeping up with the children's daily behavior. i personally think this is a really crappy system and that some days no color will truly capture the entirety of every child's all day attitude and behavior. i truly believe this with my entire being when Norah is on any color other than green. because green means, we kept it between the lines, y'all. and that is good. i will not discuss my thoughts on yellow, orange, blue and red. yet, since i am not a teacher (GOD BLESS TEACHERS), i really can't complain about this system. cause i don't have to use it. and that is also good.  (did we have a color system when we were in kindergarten? i honestly don't remember.)

anyways. Norah, came home from her first day back of school from the Christmas Holidays yesterday. i asked about what color she was on and in typical Norah style, she traced the letters of the color in the air.
so i asked again. sometimes she's a tricker.
P-I-N-K, she traced in the air once more.

YAY!!!! i praise her. high fives all around. PINK means you were a "fabulous first grader" in the eyes of your teacher that day. PINK means that you went above and beyond. PINK means you were especially wonderful. not only did you keep it between the lines, you were probably nice to people. being nice and keeping it in the lines are hard work. i struggle with it all the time.

now, in the midst of all this praise, my sweet angel girl just grins. and almost as an after thought, she tells us there is a certificate in her folder. she got some kind of award. she wasn't all showy-in-your-face-cocky-holier-than-thou-BAM!-i-got-an-award-and-also-have-no-idea-what-this-means-talking either. she simply asked me to look at it. she was proud.

Norah was presented a certificate for exemplifying a characteristic in school. COMPASSION. she was honored for her compassion.


Merriam-Webster's definition of compassion: "sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it."

i have often prayed for a more compassionate heart. a more sympathetic soul. a desire to love others better. i had no idea that God's answer to my prayers was in the form of a "fabulous first grader" in all of her 6 year old glory.

she sparkles.
she shines.
she whole body laughs.
she is hilarious. 
she is my baby.
she is my big girl.
she my favorite female.
she is my daughter.
she is my teacher.

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