Monday, August 22, 2011


it's tough navigating the waters of life, eh?
we all have a lot on our plates.
we all have different stressors.
we all have our varied forms everyday.

so why, is life so damn hard for me?
i know my husband didn't come with an instruction manual.
neither did my kids.
why is it that some people seem to get it?
why do they get to know how to handle life?
did they get a special book?
and where can i get this book?
were they born with some seventh sense that i know nothing about?
how come i wasn't born with it, too?

honestly though...does everyone have these questions or is it just me? (don't answer that)

i'm hearing a lot from people in my life, that i am not ok now.
that i am different than usual. and that stings sometimes.
but then, i take a look inside and inventory my thoughts of late.
and that's when i think i see what they see.

a different girl.
a different mom.
a different me.

i started this draft february 2010.
and i finished it today, more than a year later.

i just keep wondering, is there more for me?
yes there is.

and tomorrow... i'll recap what it's been like in the past few months. with pictures and happiness.
pinky promise.

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