Wednesday, August 25, 2010


my children are amazing.
every. single. ounce. of. them. is. amazing.
the smiles.
the silly faces.
the impersonations.
the laughter that erupts from nowhere and stays until their little faces turn red.
the hugs.
the kisses.
the spontaneous emotions.
the conversation.
the imagination.
the bossiness.
the defiance.
the independence.
all of it.
it's all amazing.

as a babysitter in my younger years, i always knew that little ones were cool. but i never really GOT how these little creatures are just so miraculous; until i was a mommy. now i see the amazing-ness all around me everyday. take for example this morning. let me set the scene:
7:05 AM
we've just dropped daddy off at work.
the kids and i are in the car alone with a 20 minute drive ahead of us.
fun. i know.
i roll the windows down.
decide on a radio station.
seek approval from the littles on choice of station.
and crank up the music-LOUD.
thankfully, this morning, there was a slew of good sing-a-long type songs to be heard. and we dove right in.
'Free' by Zac Brown Band is one of their favorites and it was the first one we listened to today.
i sneak a peek at their beautiful faces.
MP is squealing, "my song! my song! sissy, you heeeaaaarrr? my song!"
Norie is tapping her sweet hands to the beat on her door window. her eyes slowing closing as the chorus begins...
"Just as free
Free as we'll ever be
Just as free
Free as we'll ever be"
my babies belt out those words as loud as their voices will let them. swaying to the music. having no real understanding of how fitting this chorus is for this moment in our lives.
we've got no worries in this moment.
no stress.
just beautiful music, harmonies, and love.
all three of us continue singing in unison with Zac and his band.
i sneak another peak because i know that MP's favorite part is coming up.
his smile is wide and carefree. little teeth beaming through and blond locks glowing in the sun. Norie is bobbing her head. singing every word. (on key)
and suddenly, collectively, our voices get soft...
"No we don't have a lot of money (voices soft)
No we don't have a lot of money (getting louder)
No we don't have a lot of money (almost to full blast)
All we need is love" (singing our hearts out LOUDLY)
i get overwhelmed each time i hear them sing those words. my babies don't know that we are, in fact, not wealthy.
but they DO know-love surrounds them.
they DO know our family is close. (grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles, cousins-all of us)
they DO know someone will always be there for them. no matter what the situation.
they DO know in our family we overuse 'i love you'.
they DO know hugs and kisses are unlimited.
because in our family: "ALL WE NEED IS LOVE"
my babies show me the meaning of this phrase-everyday.

amazing, isn't it?


  1. Love it! Very sweet. I love that song too! -andrea