Thursday, April 22, 2010

new beginnings

Sweet Pearson Family,
Congratulations on your decision to move to Florida! Not only will you have the luxury of seeing the beautiful beach sun shine on the water, experience the white sands beneath your feet...creeping through your toes, smell the wonderful ocean air, feel the sea breeze caress your hair and body; you will now experience the joy in knowing you are doing everything in your human power to provide the best for your angel boy. (not that you haven't been so far, mind you) I, as one person in our extended family-I can't express with words the feelings I have about you individually, your family, your experiences, your victories, your frustrations, your fears and concerns...or about Autism.
I can tell you, I am proud.
I am proud to have you a part of my life.
I am proud to know you.
I am proud of your decisions.
I am proud of your courage.
I am proud of your hearts.
I am proud of the love you have for your Cohen.
I am proud of you, Cohen, for simply being amazing and an inspiration to me.
I am proud of you, Kelly, for being a mom I always dream of becoming.
I am proud of you, Chad, for being a daddy every child needs to have.
And Emma, I am proud of you, for being the most wonderful best friend a boy could want.
I love you sweet family and wish you all the best. Here's to many more victories in the future!
I love you.

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